Radtke, Fargo Area Movie director Chrysler Plymouth Conversion process Division

Radtke, Fargo Area Movie director Chrysler Plymouth Conversion process Division

Hilary B. Hacker, Bishop of Bismarck; and Paige Baker, Mandaree, Standard Chairman of your own Could possibly get seven push 00080-Box 4-Document cuatro-18 As yet not known lady and you can Carole Schultz 00080-Field 4-Document 4-19 Three women 00080-Field cuatro-File 4-20 Carol Thorson, Mary Simle, Tap McKinley 00080-Box 4-Document cuatro-21 Barney Bernheardt, Corwin Churchill, gets $ thread regarding Donald S. Barney obtained into the George Washington sweepstakes on Fargo Region off Minneapolis Area having sales past typical rates brand new and you may utilized cars March step one in order to March 10 00080-Field 4-File cuatro-twenty two About three men buying and selling car trick 00080-Package 4-File cuatro-23 Automobile 00080-Package cuatro-File 4-24 Anton Gabriel, Director, Leonard Marthaller, Director, A good. L. Kresal, Minneapolis Area Conversion process Manager 00080-Field 4-Document 4-twenty five Anton Gabriel, Movie director, Leonard kissbrides.com source hyperlink Marthaller, Manager, A great.

L. Kresal, Minneapolis District Sales Director 00080-Field cuatro-File cuatro-twenty six Automobile lot 00080-Package cuatro-File 4-twenty-seven One-man and you will around three feminine 00080-Field 4-Document 4-twenty eight One-man and about three female 00080-Package cuatro-Document cuatro-29 Men in the meeting 00080-Package 4-Document 4-29 H. Age. Mueller, Hazen, and you will Hollis Dietz, Beach 00080-Field 4-File cuatro-30 Two guys 00080-Package cuatro-Document 4-32 Mrs. Norman Hogue, Bismarck (Riverview Area), Mrs. John Trygg, Baldwin, (Trygg Section) 00080-Box cuatro-File cuatro-33 Brick-building 00080-Container 4-File 4-34 One or two men with legs in casts 00080-Package 4-File 4-thirty five A couple of men which have base in the casts 00080-Box cuatro-File cuatro-36 Several women 00080-Package 4-Document 4-37 Susan Klingbeil, Minneapolis, Stewardess and you will half dozen men at the side of flat 00080-Container cuatro-Document 4-38 Three men and two feminine 00080-Field 4-File 4-39 Five dudes 00080-Container 4-Document cuatro-40 A couple guys as well as 2 feminine 00080-Field 4-Document 4-41 A couple trucks inside the street 00080-Field cuatro-Document cuatro-42 Jamestown University Choir 00080-Package 4-File 4-43 Five boys deleting light bulbs 00080-Box 4-File cuatro-forty two “Auntie Springtime” cast – Robert Eckblad, James Johnson, Mary Mayls, Nancy Taylor, Mr.

Lyle Hanson (director), Richard Taylor, Shanon Seas 00080-Package cuatro-File 4-45 Carolyn Ebel, eleven, third Honor; Guarantee Make, UCT President Young people Interest Project; Allan Belinskey, 13, initial Prize; Mary Beth Schiber, 11, 2nd Award 00080-Box 4-File 4-46 Deanne Williams (mouse) and Marlys Hanson towards the electric guitar – 5th graders within Leader 00080-Field 4-Document 4-47 About three boys 00080-Package cuatro-Document cuatro-48 Groundbreaking 00080-Field cuatro-File 4-44 Youngsters that have “telephones” 00080-Container 4-Document 4-50 Youngsters which have displays 00080-Field cuatro-File 4-51 Children having screens 00080-Container 4-File 4-52 Children having displays 00080-Container 4-File 4-53 People which have screens 00080-Container 4-File 4-54 College students with screens 00080-Field cuatro-Document 4-55 Pupils which have displays 00080-Field 4-Document cuatro-56 An effective. Ungerecht 00080-Package 4-File 5-03 Virginia Roberts 00080-Package 4-File 5-04 Lynette Trentland (sp? D. G. Woolpert, Logansport, Indiana 00080-Field cuatro-File 5-09 Mr.

Everett Dutton Jr

Jimmy Howe 00080-Container cuatro-File 5-10 Mr. Donald Heck 00080-Package cuatro-Document 5-11 Mrs. Wayne Wiseman 00080-Package cuatro-File 5-twelve Mr. Gordon Hager 00080-Container cuatro-Document 5-13 Mr. Howard Schuh 00080-Container 4-Document 5-fourteen Mr. Robert Mann 00080-Package cuatro-Document 5-fifteen Mr. James Zeller 00080-Package cuatro-File 5-16 Mrs. Donald Yards. Woolford 00080-Field 4-Document 5-17 Roentgen. W. Carlson, Mrs. August Erbstoesser, Enderlin, and W. B. Peterson, Denver 00080-Container 4-File 5-18 Several guys 00080-Container cuatro-Document 5-19 Around three men 00080-Container cuatro-Document 5-20 Parents Committee 00080-Package 4-Document 5-21 Lt. Gov. Hsu 00080-Package cuatro-Document 5-23 Flo Scott, R. Letter., Bismarck Workplace Hostess and Vivian R. Crawford, Social Wellness Nurse, Langdon 00080-Package cuatro-File 5-24 People and you will woman 00080-Container 4-Document 5-twenty-five About three feminine deciding on a fall 00080-Container cuatro-File 5-twenty six Mrs. Clara Brownish, President, Amidon (standing); Mrs. Thelma Klingensmith, Vice president, Mandan; Mrs.

Red coral Gayton, Movie director, Fort Yates; Mrs

Lorene York, Secretary, Bismarck (condition buttocks); Mr. Alvin M. Tschosik, Movie director, Linton; Mrs. Mabel V. Dalton, Manager, Jamestown; Mrs. Corabelle Brown, Movie director, Towner – And then make agreements to own County YCL Meeting 00080-Box 4-File 5-twenty seven Mrs. Clara Brown, Chairman, Amidon (standing); Mrs. Thelma Klingensmith, Vp, Mandan; Mrs. Lorene York, Secretary, Bismarck (condition butt); Mr. Alvin Yards. Tschosik, Director, Linton; Mrs. Mabel V. Dalton, Director, Jamestown; Mrs. Corabelle Brown, Movie director, Towner – To make agreements getting County YCL Summit 00080-Container 4-File 5-28 Three guys and you may a female 00080-Box 4-Document 5-29 Mom Edane, Prioress, O. S.B. S.B. S.B. S.B. Tudor, Biss, Washburn, First Vice president 00080-Package 4-File 5-32 Samuel Billison, President, Nat. Cops Panel; Clarence Hawthorne, Capt.

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